Incorporate Seafood into your Meetings & Events

Resource for Meeting Planner Incorporate Seafood into your Food Menu

Sandy Yi-Davis

5/3/20241 min read

Where to Buy:

Wegmans, Giant, Harris Teeter & Balducci

Docuseries: Hope in the Water

PBS set to air this Docu-Series in Summer 2024

The Hope In The Water docuseries travels the globe to discover the creative solutions and breakthrough blue food technologies that could not only feed us but help save our threatened seas and fresh waterways. The series highlights the stories of amazing innovators, water farmers, and fishers who are working toward a sustainable future for the planet. This three-part docuseries is brought to you by thirteen-time Emmy award-winning producer and writer David E. Kelley and four-time James Beard award and Emmy award winner, Andrew Zimmern.