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What did we learn from Superbowl LV

Superbowl, an American holiday and the most exciting day for sports fans. I am drawn to the commercials, the half time show, the fun, glam, and excitement. Yet this year, I find myself always waiting to see the “hype” the day and felt flat. Is it because we are desensitized by all the virtual meetings and events during the pandemic? Or am I looking for something else? As we move out of the pandemic in 2021 into the future, I wondered if our expectations of what is exciting have changed, and can we top it off? Or do exactly what Tom Brady did, back to basics.
Without the people, the game felt empty with just the players mastering their craft. Human generates the excitement whether it is 10 people or 100,000. You certainly did not feel the same energy as you have with previous Superbolws. I know, I was one of the very lucky young people who attended the Superbowl XXVII and participated in Michael Jackson’s halftime show. (Oh yes, you can figure out my age now.).

What was lacking in this year’s Superbowl? HUMANS. The lack of people’s presence is deafening. We lost the mojo of the Superbowl and all the excitement that goes into it. No matter how beautiful the virtual graphics are, it can never replace having people participate in the event. In-Person events will return and will be more important to build the experience. The need for humans to connect safely will be more meaningful than ever.

What would it take for you to gather in person?
For me, these are the basic precautions I would take and expect:
For family and personal gatherings, I would need to know that all of our families and friends have taken the same precaution. Hugs and Kisses may not be prevalent, however, just being together in the same area would be great preferably outdoors.

For business meetings, handshaking is OUT. I actually would prefer a hand gesture of hello or a body language of bowing. This shows signs of respect. When I walk into an office to meet a client, I expect to keep my mask on, hand sanitizes and I would expect that the office has cleaning procedures daily.

For Conferences and business travel, I know that venues, hotels, and group gatherings will follow guidelines of what is appropriate. I also expect the organizer to set rules and regulations that everyone should follow. I have every confidence that the meeting professionals do take extreme precautions to ensure safety.


Will there be risks at any of these events? Of course, there are risks in anything we do. For human sake, let’s all play by the same rules and get our country moving out of the darkness and into the light.

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